Patient Testimonials

Dr. Yuly Gertsberg has treated thousands of patients across Brooklyn and New York City. Whether it was a dental implant, wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting, or other oral or maxillofacial surgical procedure performed by experienced and caring staff, many patients have spoken out about the exceptional care that they received at our Brooklyn Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery office.  We welcome you to join others and share your experience with us on our Facebook page or Google+ page or on other doctor review web sites.

Here are just a handful of testimonials from our former patients.

I was referred to Dr. Gertsberg to remove a wisdom tooth. I was not looking forward to the operation, but Dr. Gertsberg was reassuring, capable and incredibly patient answering my questions. The office is nice and clean, located in the middle of the busy Kings Highway, only a few minutes walk from the B/Q train. Staff is efficient and capable as well. My operation went smoothly and without complications, so I’m really happy with Dr. Gertsberg. If you are looking for a great professional dental experience, I highly recommend this office.

~ Oleg Belfirer (via Facebook)

Had 3 wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Gertsberg – amazing job!!! No pain, no bruises. Doctor makes you feel very comfortable and gives you light sedation if needed. I would recommend him for any oral surgical procedures.

~ Svetlana Met (via Facebook)

Awesome Doctor, highly recommend.

~ Dina Kleiman (via Facebook)

I had to have my wisdom tooth removed so I searched for a local oral surgeon. I decided to come here because it is relatively close and they accepted my insurance. The office is very clean and the staff is very professional. The procedure itself went flawlessly, I did not feel any pain and after the procedure I didn’t have to take and pain medication. Dr Yuly Gertsberg did a wonderful job and I highly recommend him.

~ Ruslan Kipkeev (via Google)

I had a terrible pain due to all pus and inflamation I’ve got from roots of the rotten tooth. It literally happened overnight. Pain was excruciating, my face was swollen like a football. I am so happy I found dr. Gertsberg on google. There was no problem to get same day emergency appointment. His staff was nice and very helpful. Doctor himself is very friendly and knowlageble. I had a very complicated case, because pus distroyed the bone. Surgery was like a dream, I was sedated and didn’t feel a thing. Later, dr. Gertsberg gave me prescriptions and explained everything, what I had to do, why, how often and why it was important to follow up. Recovery was fast and painless , he gave me antibiotics and painkillers. I highly recommend dr. Gertsberg. I am glad I found him.

~ Patient (via Google)